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For most of us there are times in our lives when we need a safe confidential space to explore our difficulties.

We are a community based, confidential counselling service established since 1997 at 19 Manor Street, Dublin 7.

We provide one-to-one sessions on a voluntary donation basis, however clients are not required to pay in order to receive counselling and therapy.

We create a safe environment to help a person explore issues that are causing difficulties in his/her life. These may be such things as:

  • Bereavement
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Problems at work
  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Loss of self esteem
  • Feelings of depression
  • Sexual abuse

The commitment is to ensure that anyone who needs to avail of the service is not excluded through economic difficulties.


Please contact us at: 19 Manor Street, Dublin 7.  Tel: 01 677 2170 / 01 677 5741